You need to have samba installed to use these tools. Use nblookup to lookup services that are provided by the server

nmblookup -A IP Address

This machines NetBIOS name is “KIOPTRIX”, it has file sharing enabled (“”), messenger running (“03”) and is part of “MYGROUP” workgroup.

Now we use smbclient to get information on shares, domain/work groups, etc…

smbclient -L \\NetBIOS name -I IPaddress

This machine is actually a Linux machine running Samba 2.2.1a. It has 2 open shares, IPC$ and Admin$. It’s NetBIOS name is KIOPTRIX and it shows 2 other workgroups along with 3 other machines it sees. Note for the password i just hit enter.

Now you can try connecting to a share

smbclient //$


smbclient //KIOPTRIX/ADMIN$ -I

In this case it didnt work