We are running Windows XP in our current environment and ran into an issue. We are able to set the desktop wallpaper, but we cant stop users from changing it by right clicking on an image and selecting ‘set as desktop background’. We just couldnt find a way to disable that, we found a few methods that claimed to work but none worked. I believe if we enabled active desktop we could prevent users from right clicking an image but we weren’t able to use active desktop for some reason.

I stumbled on a possible solution. I was researching another program and found this registry key “hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop”. Just disable write access and problem solved! I”m not really sure what else this key does as i didnt really test it, and it’s possible that users need write access for some reason. We are not implementing this in our environment as we are not really that worried about it and we set the wallpaper on login. But just thought i would share this in case it helps someone.